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AUSOM Digital Solutions is the brainchild of people who have a passion for developing quality Web Sites with great functionalities. It's a start-up based in Coimbatore, India but not less by experience. It is run by a team of experts who have experience in Web Services for over 12 years. Goal @ Ausom is to enrich the digital presence of business organizations and increase their sales. We offer solutions specializing in Digital Marketing, Web Designing and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Branding. Team @ Ausom includes Doctorates , certified developers and strong marketing team who have experience working in both National and International Settings. Awesome service and support at the right cost is what we focus on. Essentially, we aim to conduct fair business and establish a long term relationship with every stakeholder as we wish to grow together.


Team @ AUSOM has over 12 years experience in the field of Web designing and Development. We have doctorates, certified developers and strong marketing team who have experience working in both National and International Settings. Awesome service and support  at the right cost is what we focus at.  We look for fair business to establish a good relationship with our customers because we like to grow with our clients. Moreover We Love What We Do.

Let's Grow Together!


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Web Development Process


Research & Analyze

At first, we research over client's business area and analyze the requirements for enhancing their web presence


Budget Analysis

As a second step, we produce the research results and give a budget for enhancement


Design Prototypes

We design prototypes or working models for the client to make sure it is in par with client's  requirement



We then proceed to get approval from the client before we proceed as they better know their business than any of us



We next develop the application using suitable methodologies sometimes it is a waterfall and for large projects, we prefer RAD (Rapid Application Development)



Developed Web applications are tested effectively before being deployed



Finally, the developed and tested application is deployed for use


Support & Maintanence

We assure 24/7 support and hold the maintenance tasks of the developed application

Why Choose AUSOM Digital Solutions?

We Love What we do

Offering the best digital maketing services in coimbatore including search optimization and web design and development to our clients is our passion and moreover, we love what we do, so we deliver the best. Our core capabilities lie in creative and analytical thinking that help us to build better solutions for any given problem.

24 x 6 support

We provide 24 x 6 support to help the business run smoothly. Every service we provide comes with free edits/changes for a considerable period and maintenance as long as you stay with us.


Uncompromised Quality

We are determined to provide the best quality service  so no compromises. We opt to conduct fair business and look for fair relationships with our stakeholders. We believe not to grow of our client but only with our clients.

Cost Effective

Our solutions are advanced yet cost-effective as we follow best in practices in design and development. Let it be just a simple static website or eCommerce portal or search engine optimization we adopt the best in class industry solutions.

 Now get started with one of the best digital marketing companies in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing

Around the globe, digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing at great speed and accounts for a significant share of advertising spending. This trend is expected to continue because of increased access and use of the Internet among the consumers. We do not exaggerate the benefits of digital marketing but we are sure that ignoring it may become fatal for an organization. Any marketing technique by default relies on four P's namely Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Digital Marketing capitalizes greatly on the 4th P, Promotion of the advantages it offers over Traditional Marketing. It helps organizations run a dynamic campaign in a very easy and cost-effective manner and importantly the results are measurable. Running an Ad on Facebook is easy, cost-effective, measureable compared to publishing one in a Newspaper. Now its your turn to decide on and if you are in search of the best Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore then you are in the right place.

Web Designing and Development

An organization's website is its Online Hub. It is the fact that your website is the first source of information for your prospects. They may get to know about your products/services by any means but they also verify it at your website. Thus building your website right becomes so important.  A research by Visible Experts finds that 80% of the buyers/prospects check out the website at some point in their buying process. And importantly every visitor tries to find some information to validate an organization. Thus getting a website build through experts really serves its purpose rather than building something of your own using any free services. If you have a requirement for Web designing in Coimbatore or Web Development in Coimbatore, then we could help you. Please call us or email for better quote.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your website incomplete without SEO? To answer, it completely depends upon your business requirement. Think about a organization that promotes an one time event or dealing with a unique product or service or one that serves a small or midsize market, then SEO is not a requirement. Otherwise it is a must feature for every website to serve its purpose. Web Search or Google Search has become the prominent way to look for information. We shall never expect to search for your business name and find you for the first time. They search only in  general terms or keywords. Therefore it is must to keep your sites optimized for your keywords. It requires a fine search and strategy. And important it takes a considerable period of time to see the results of your seo optimization. Now decide whether your website is to be optimized then we could help you and you are in the place of best search engine optimization company in coimbatore.

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