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A dynamic website is a set of web pages which are accessed from a database or from very commonly know Content Management System (CMS) examples: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., Since the content is stored in the database whenever it is altered or updated, the website is also updated instantly.

Users of the website who have permissions to create/edit content can log in to the website with their given credentials and can change content/pages on their website with much ease. Dynamic systems allow very easy methods to update the site without any need for programmers or developers so that they are very much popular.

Technically, dynamic website uses both client-side and server-side scripting to generate content compared to a static website that uses HTML and CSS only for generating content.

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Try to answer the following questions and if the answer is YES for two or more then you may need a dynamic website!

1) Do you update your content often say ie. daily/weekly/monthly?

2) Do you like to optimize (SEO) your website?

3) Do you need unique pages for your customers/employees and require login?

4) Do you want functionalities over a period of time?

Now, if you think you need a dynamic website then you are in the right place. We help you have a dynamic website with excellent functionalities designed beautifully at competitive pricing.